“Our aim is to produce premium quality lamb so our customers can enjoy the superior taste, juiciness and tenderness of Benview Farms lamb.”

Tim and Katherine Pilkington, along with our 3 children, Patrick, Jonathan, and Millicent operate Benview Farms. Our original property “Benview” is located overlooking the Ben Nevis Peak of the Pyrenees Ranges in Victoria. The property consisted of livestock and mixed cropping enterprise, growing wheat, barley canola, lupins, and oats. We have since moved farms to “Middle Creek” just North West of the Beaufort township.buy organic meat online

We purchased “Benview” in 2009. It was run down and hadn’t had a lot of love and attention. Tim is a qualified agronomist and has grown up on a farm and both Tim and Katherine have degrees in Agricultural Science. Together we’ve set about bringing the farm back to life through improved soil nutrition and sustainable no-till farming practices, passion and love. The property has continued to improve each year allowing us to follow our passion for animal production and produce the tastiest and juiciest lamb available.

We are very passionate about farming and we aim to provide premium quality produce directly to consumers. When you buy Benview Farms lamb you are buying from us, the farmers that have produced it.

Raised naturally on the finest pastures with low-stress animal handling techniques guarantees Benview Farms lambs are the tastiest lambs available. The Rams and Ewes are selected from composite breeds that have been breed using superior genetics for eating quality, taste, and tenderness. This guarantees a premium eating experience every time with Benview Farms lamb.

We do it cause it taste’s delicious

Fresh Meat onlineOur passion is to produce the best eating experience for our customers. We want you to taste the difference with our premium free range lamb. There is a big difference between good and bad, and we are all about the GOOD!

Our lambs are bred from the best bloodlines available, we select for juiciness, tenderness and of course flavor.

That means our meat has inter-muscular marbling, which makes it tender and juicy. It has more fat cover on it, which gives you more flavor.

We are passionate farmers that care about our animals and the land we farm.

Our lambs are all grown ethically and naturally. We don’t tolerate any cruelty and we ensure they live a happy life. We let them free range in the paddock and live the way mother nature intended.

We use sustainable farming techniques that promote nutrition in the soil. When we have healthy paddocks, we have healthy lambs and that’s good for everyone!

Ethical, Natural, Sustainable

We want to look after you our customers as well as our lambs. We also want to make sure the land is left in better shape than when we started.

That’s why we focus our farming on ethical, natural and sustainable practices.

We ensure the lambs are kept stress free and happy, even at the end and through the whole process. This is so important because not only is it the best for the lamb, it also ensures the great eating quality of our meat.

We let our lambs do their thing, no high stocking rates, all natural roaming in their free-range paddocks.

Every choice we make is driven by our aim to be sustainable and look after the land. We love to farm and we want to ensure that generations to follow can benefit from this amazing country as well.

So if you want to buy premium tasting free range lamb direct from the farmer that produced it then welcome to Benview Farms.

We hope you enjoy our lamb as much as we enjoy producing it.

Watch the attached clip to learn more about Benview Farms and what we do!