It all started when ….. Tim and Katherine Pilkington, along with our 3 children, Patrick, Jonathan and Millicent operate Benview Farms. Our property “Benview” is located overlooking the Ben Nevis Peak of the Pyrenees Ranges in Victoria. The property consists of livestock and mixed cropping enterprise, growing wheat, barley canola, lupins and oats.

We purchased the property in 2009. It was run down and hadn’t had a lot of love and attention. Tim is a qualified agronomist and has grown up on a farm and both Tim and Katherine have degrees in Agricultural Science. Together we’ve set about bringing the farm back to life through improved soil nutrition and sustainable no till farming practices, passion and love. The property has continued to improve each year allowing us to follow our passion for animal production and produce the tastiest and juiciest lamb available.

We are very passionate about farming and we aim to provide premium quality produce direct to consumers. When you buy Benview Farms lamb you are buying from us, the farmers that have produced it.

Raised naturally on the finest pastures with low stress animal handling techniques guarantees Benview Farms lambs are the tastiest lambs available. The Rams and Ewes are selected from composite breeds that have been bred using superior genetics for eating quality, taste and tenderness. This guarantees a premium eating experience every time with Benview Farms lamb.

When our second set of twins Tom and James arrived in 2018 we decided to make the move north to the border town of Albury Wodonga. Having 5 kids, 5 and under has been a big job on top of the farm. As a result to continue to supply during our transistion north we have partnered with a brilliant farmer that shares our ethos for ethical, sustainable farming and is working with us to continue to produce premium Benview Farms Lamb.

We hope you enjoy our lamb as much as we enjoy producing it.

Check out our video to see more of what we do.