Why is your lamb so expensive?Farm direct lamb better than organic lamb

I got asked this a couple times on the weekend at the farmer’s market!

Initially I was a little taken aback… I thought OH NO they won’t buy it if it’s too expensive, but then I just told them the truth of it.

“That’s what it cost’s to produce and supply really good quality lamb.”

Don’t get me wrong we’re not charging a million dollars for a lamb chop, but we are charging a price that reflects all the work that it takes to supply premium produce to our awesome customers.

When Tim and I started Benview Farms our aim was to produce premium lamb.

We wanted people to know there is a difference in lamb and ensure our customers when they buy Benview Farms Lamb they are getting a premium lamb with a high-quality eating experience.

Now that sounds all good and well, but what does it really mean?

So here is a snap shot!

It means we need a good foundation to build on, and for us that is the genetics of the lambs we wanted to grow. So we went out there and sourced the best lambs that were bred to produce quality lamb meat.

And yes we pay a premium for that!

We then look after them like kings, making sure they are happy, healthy and most of all well feed.Organic Free range lamb

So lots of pasture regeneration, fencing, access to clean fresh water, crutching, shearing, rainbows and lollipops……..Ok maybe not the lollipops, but you get the picture, it takes a bit of work.

Then you taste our lamb and go oh wow that’s so good I want to eat that all year round, sooooooo we have to make sure that we can supply all year.

No big deal I hear you say? (Don’t tell farmer Tim that!)

Managing a small mob with small weekly numbers going out the gate takes a lot of time and commitment.

What normally happens is lambs are born through out winter, usually within a couple of weeks of each other.

Said lambs are grown out to a certain weight and sold in 1 lot anywhere from October to February.

The farmer regroups, has a holiday and gets ready for joining to produce next years lambs. Done! ( I mean there is a bit more to it but you get the idea 🙂

What do we do…….

We split our lambing over a few months to ensure we have enough supply to get through the whole year. Week in week out we need lambs.

We manage our lambs and monitor their growth so we can ensure consistency of supply.
Each week we go into the paddock and hand select the best lambs to be butchered.

Imagine every week, getting the mob of hundreds of lambs in just to pick out the best 20 or 30.
Yes, It is a big effort….. thanks farmer Tim 😉

We then take them to the abattoirs to be slaughtered, where they are then custom aged for a week. This improves tenderness and also allows the meat to appreciate…like a fine wine!

Everything is then butchered to our specification and packed in premium shrink bags to ensure absolute food safety.
At the end of the day we are doing this for you and we want to ensure that it is the best it can be.

So really if you go through everything (not all listed above) that we do to produce Benview Farms premium lamb, the value to you the customer is enormous.

We all have choices where we spend our hard earned cash and what we feed our families and ourselves.

We certainly value that we can produce a premium lamb for you.

Freerange lamb direct from the farmer Victoria

Benview Farms



Katherine & Tim and our whole family xx

P.S. We always love hearing from you so if there is anything you wanted to add please just let us know.