Simply go to our online shop let us know how you would like your lamb cut up and place your order. We will be in touch to confirm the order and delivery date and time.
We aim to deliver every month, as a general rule of thumb, if you place your order by the 3rd Thursday of the month by 9 am you will receive it Friday the following week. All the lamb is butchered to order to ensure its fresh and right for you.
We want to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy our Benview Farms Lamb so we will deliver it directly to your door. We deliver to most places in Victoria, Metro Sydney, and Canberra. If you are not sure if we deliver to your area please contact us.
Delivery is a Flat Rate of $16.75.
If you are outside our delivery area we can arrange delivery, but there may be an additional cost. Anything is possible so just please get in touch
All our lamb is packaged in vacuum pack bags and have a shelf life in the fridge of 14 days from packaging. They are all dated so you know what the freeze by date is. Sometime the bags break, that’s not a problem, this just means you need to freeze the meat or consume it.
Half a lamb will take up to a 1/2 to 3/4 of a freezer drawer. A whole lamb will take ¾ to a whole freezer drawer.
Yes, anything is possible and we are happy to accommodate most orders. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Great we would love to supply you, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Orders Open Order Close Delivery Due

February NOW Thursday 18th Feb @ 9am Friday 26th Feb

March orders Thursday 18th Mar @ 9am Friday 26th Mar
open from 19th Feb

April Orders Thursday 22nd Apr @ 9am Friday 30th Apr
Open from 19th Mar

May Orders Thursday 20th May @ 9am Friday 28th May
Open from 23rd Apr

June Orders Thursday 17th Jun @ 9am Friday 25th Jun
Open from 21st May

July Orders Thursday 22nd Jul @ 9am Friday 30th Jul
Open from 18th Jun

August Orders Thursday 19th Aug @ 9am Friday 27th Aug
Open from 23rd Jul

September Orders Thursday 16th Sep @ 9am Friday 24th Sep*
Open from 20th Aug Sept may change depending on AFL GF public holiday

October Orders Thursday 21st Oct @ 9am Friday 29th Oct
Open from 17th Sep
November Orders Thursday 18th Nov @ 9am Friday 3rd Dec
Open from 21st Oct