Choose from a variety of lamb packs that maximise the best cuts of the lamb. There are lots of options that are great to enjoy and also reduce waste so all of the lamb is used.

You can choose from a whole lamb, that is great for a larger family or a half lamb that will be perfect for a smaller family of 4. We also offer a range of 5KG packs that give you an assortment of cuts.

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Our range of grass-fed lamb packs will provide you with a great selection of lamb that we know your family will love.

Your lamb will be delivered in easy to manage portions and all vacuumed sealed.Buy lamb direct from the farmer Victoria

It will save you time, there will be no mess and no stress – all set to pop it straight into the freezer!

Each pack is clearly labeled with the name of the cut, the weight and the freeze by date.

We can accommodate most special requests so please leave us a note when you place your order.

We want you to taste what premium lamb tastes like. Our aim is to supply delicious farm fresh lamb direct at an affordable price. By buying a hamper of lamb you are able to save money.

It’s good for you and its good for us.

It allows us to give you an awesome price for what is a superior product cause it reduces waste and you get the benefit.

If you buy a whole lamb you will get between 20-25kg of meat. That works out to be between $14.80 – $18.50. An average of $16.65/kg. That is MASSIVE VALUE!

The other awesome benefit is you are buying locally grown lamb that has come directly from the farmer. Low food miles and quality guaranteed.

You can have confidence in the meat and know you won’t be wasting your money on bland, meat that has been pumped full of water.