One of the best things I’ve tasted!

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What’s been great so far about Benview Farms and growing nature of this business is the huge range of clientele and customers we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

It’s always a little bit scary when you start something new.

Not exactly sure what you’re doing! Or even if people will like it! I knew we had great produce with our lamb, we’d worked hard on that.

The amazing customers at the farmers’ markets and our loyal online supporters were giving us great feedback. But I still just wanted to make sure….


I thought why not give some of our lamb to a professional chef and see what they think!

So that’s what I did and thank goodness he loved it as well. One of my favourite local café’s sampled our lamb on their specials menu and sold out in 1 night!

What a hit, this was great, so they decided to put it on the menu, hooray…

I must say, with a fair bit of pride I ordered our Benview Farms Lamb off the menu. A very exciting day for sure!

But what came next………

Well, that was even better than I could have imagined. The dish was Braised Benview Farms Lamb Ragu, and can I just say it was sublime.

If I wasn’t in public I would have licked the plate!

So I had to know….what was the recipe and how can I re-create this master piece at home and share it with our amazing customers.

So you can thank me later, or just ask me over for dinner, but here it is the yummiest Braised Benview Farms Lamb Ragu I have tasted ever.

And the best bit, you can actually use any of the following cuts to make this awesome dish! Neck chops, shanks, shoulder or chump chops. How cool is that?

Yep, I thought so too!

All the credit has to go to the amazing Chef Leigh Murphy at the legendary “L’espresso” Ballarat.

Thanks for all the love and support

Katherine x