Full Benview Farms Lamb Hamper

Custom aged for tenderness and flavor.

  • 2 tender legs of lamb
  • 2 succulent lamb shoulders
  • Racks of lamb or Cutlets
  • 12 thick cut mid loin chops or back straps
  • 8-10 delectable chump chops
  • 2 sides of the meaty lamb ribs
  • 2 lamb shanks for soups or slow cooking
  • Gourmet neck chops, so much flavor.
  • 12 Lamb & Rosemary Sausages

2 x Legs – (choose up to two options)

2 x Shoulders - (choose up to two options)

2 x Loin – (choose up to two options)

2 x Mid Loin – (choose up to two options)


*20-25kgs | $14.80 - $18.50 Per KG

*Weights are indicative as dressed weights and yields can vary. It will also change with how your have your lamb butchered. For example a butterflied leg will weigh less than a bone in leg. Ideas for cooking your Benview Farms Lamb check out our recipes.

Additional information

Weight 20-25 kg

$14.80 – $18.50 Per KG


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