Love The Taste Of Farm Direct Lamb

What makes our lamb so good?

Our premium lamb tastes good for a number of reasons…

  • Excellent breeding
  • Nutritious soils and pastures
  • Low-stress animal handling techniques
  • Custom aged for 7 days
  • Direct from the farmer that produced it

We started with a good foundation. Having the best soils and the best animal husbandry can’t make up for bad genetics.Organic Lamb direct from the farmer victoria

We did our research and found the expert in the field to help us identify the breed and qualities in the sire that are producing the best eating quality lambs.

We are constantly learning and talking to breeders to make sure we are growing the best available.

We produce a lamb that has intramuscular marbling, it is juicy and tender. Our lamb has more fat cover on it, which gives it more flavor and keeps it juicy

Once we got that right we knew it was about nutrition, not only for the lambs but the soils. Having a healthy pasture base for the lambs to graze on ensures the consistency and quality of the meat.

We then make sure the lambs are kept happy. All our lambs are free range so they hundreds of acres to roam about.

We use low-stress handling techniques and have minimal human interference.

We hand select the best lambs available and personally deliver them to the abattoirs making sure they are calm and not stressed out.

We custom age our lambs for 7 days, this improves the tenderness of the meat and overall eating experience. This is a big difference to the supermarkets and butchers who kill and cut the meat on the same day and you can be eating it that night!

Good things take time and we believe this is just as important a part of the process of achieving premium eating quality lamb.

We have taken the time to produce a premium lamb for you our customers to enjoy and it truly tastes amazing.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Here is what some of our customers have said about Benview Farms Lamb.

buy meat direct from farmer victoria“Hello Katherine,

Just wanted you to know how happy I am with my lamb that I received from you.

The quality is awesome and the taste was amazing.

I think knowing where it came from ensuring freshness and then to top it off the great price.

Just an additional plus for me was your willingness to accommodate my packing requests.

All in all a very pleasing experience.

Thanks so much

Kathie “

Kathie – Mernda

“Great quality – you can really taste the difference!

Great service (the ease that it’s delivered to your door and cyrovaced)

Knowing you’re supporting a local business versus bland, water-pumped meat from a supermarket that’s pumped full of preservatives.

Good price”

Chris – St Kilda


“Essentially your lamb is worth the wait to get it from wherever….it tastes wonderful and it is great to support small producers who care about their animals from start to finish”

Lisa – Elwood


“I loved our packs of lamb. Awesome.

What is most important to me about buying lamb is the blood rush I got when I opened 3 boxes of award-winning lamb and I am overwhelmed with the culinary options in front of me.”

Tama – Flemington

buy meat direct from farmer victoria